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Women’s health and well-being

Women’s health and well-being

2020-2024 Action Plan


The 2020-2024 women’s health and well-being action plan is the third such plan aiming to “improve the health and well-being of all Quebec women” (PASBEF, 2020, translated freely).

“This third plan is aimed more specifically at supporting regional initiatives and certain needs of women working in health and social services, women in vulnerable situations within perinatal and postnatal situations, and women with disabilities or receiving family assistance, as well as developing knowledge on emerging needs in women’s health and well-being.” (CDEACF, 2021)

Previous plans:


ConcertAction Femmes Estrie (CAFE) and the Centre de recherche sociale appliquée (CRSA) worked together on an important report, Le logement, un levier pour améliorer la santé et le bien-être des femmes en Estrie (housing as a way to improve the health and well-being of women in Estrie).

Objective : to identify available information on housing as a determinant of health and to structure it in such a way as to show the impact that housing can have on other determinants of women’s health and well-being (poverty, physical and mental health, sexual and domestic violence).
Population groups of women are also examined in order to document the specific realities of older women, women with disabilities, immigrant and racialized women, Indigenous women living off-community, as well as people of diverse sexual and gender backgrounds.
With our intersectional feminist approach, this document will allow us to propose regional demands and courses of action in 2023.